Management Services

When you choose Farish Realty Property Management to manage your rental property, you need to know we have an infrastructure of top-notch people and well-developed systems in place. We have categorized our management system into three areas: Managing the Money, Managing the Tenant, and Managing the Property. Below is a very brief overview of some of these services.

How We Manage Your Money

  • All monies (from all parties) go into secured trust accounts
  • Electronic Owner disbursements
  • Access to Owner’s Portal 24/7
  • Year End Cash Flow Statements for tax preparation
  • 1099 reporting every year for tax reporting

Managing the Tenant

  • Our primary job is enforcing the terms of the lease
  • Collect rent (E-check, ACH, Credit Card, Personal Check)
  • Handle bounced/NSF checks
  • Assess and collect late fees
  • Managing eviction process
  • Managing safety issues
  • Handle HOA violations
  • Handle Move-In/Move-Out Inspections and disputes over security deposits

How We Manage the Property

  • Manage normal maintenance issues
  • Oversee contractor rehabs, renovations, and major replacements
  • Emergency 24-hour hotline
  • Pre-screening vendors & contractors
  • Manage vendor & contractor response time
  • Negotiate vendor and contractor rates
  • Perform property visits and inspections
  • Schedule & oversee preventative maintenance choice

Fee Schedule

  • (Percentages are of the monthly rental amount)
  • 10% of the monthly rent for properties under $1500.00
  • 8% of the monthly rent for properties over $1500.00
  • Discounts available for managing multiple properties
  • Minimum fee of $75.00 required


  • You pay no management fee if the tenant does not pay rent
  • You pay no management fee while property is vacant

In Summary…

This is just a sampling of the services Farish Realty Property Management offers. We know you may need more information before deciding to place your property with us. We are here to answer your questions. For more detailed information, please contact us directly or via email.